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Aston, PA


Philadelphia photographer Natasha Esguérra is based out of Aston, PA and serves the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland areas. 

Photography offered:
weddings, engagement, mitzvahs, food, family, headshots

Aston, Media, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Chester, Swarthmore, Wilmington, Delaware, Pennsylvania

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New Website to Celebrate 2 Years!!!

Natasha Esguerra


On February 5 of this year, NTME Photography celebrated its 2 year anniversary!  I am just so thankful as I didn't know what to expect when I started this business.. they say you should have a plan, but all I knew is that I enjoyed taking pictures and wanted to touch the lives of others through doing this!

2 years later though, I do have a plan, I have goals I wish to reach, and dreams that I will entrust to God.  No matter what happens, I just pray I will be allowed to keep doing what I love as it really has brought such happiness in my life.

I know I just unveiled a website like last August, but here I am again!  I've been using Showit for my webdesign, and felt that I wasn't using it to its full potential, so suddenly I found myself redesigning it over the past 2 weeks.  Thanks to everyone who helped me through my rounds of edits, your input was VERY valuable and I definitely incorporated  a lot of suggestions into my final design.

I put the link at the bottom of the post, as I hope you will go along for a journey with me through the post first HAHAHA :)

Here's some screen shots of my original site:

Main entrance page:

Wedding home page:

Now here's the EVOLUTION.. What I first started with, it's definitely a bit busy and hard to keep the focus on the center panel where all the images would be.  But I liked the personality, as it reflects me HAHAHAHA:

Gallery home page draft:

And this is what I ended up with (more focus on the panel where the images will be, as a lot of people suggested to make it bigger and everything else smaller).  I wanted it to reflect my personality but not to the point that it's ... too playful?  So I toned it down a bit.

Gallery page final:

Main entrance page:

 Weddings home page:
 About us!

Portrait home page 
(I decided to still keep a bit more of the .. color and my random facts panel with the portrait site lol):

Blog page:

Hope you like!  I am feeling very accomplished since I designed it myself.  I guess when you don't have the extra thousands laying around to get someone to do a redesign for you, you do what you can with what you got HAHAHAHA!  I'm very happy with the redesign and feel it's SOOO ME!!!!

Love you all!

Thanks so much for the 2 years, please help me to reach my 3rd by spreading the word :)

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