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Aston, PA


Philadelphia photographer Natasha Esguérra is based out of Aston, PA and serves the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland areas. 

Photography offered:
weddings, engagement, mitzvahs, food, family, headshots

Aston, Media, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Chester, Swarthmore, Wilmington, Delaware, Pennsylvania

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Date Night? Photography Practice? Or both?!

Natasha Esguerra

So, Tuesdays are date nights for Fred and me, and lately our Tuesdays have been full.. but tonight we had some time to get dolled up and go out for our date night!

So what did we do?  We took pictures of each other HAHAHAHAHA!  It was nice to just go out and shoot for fun.. and try new things in our photography.  So much to learn and try, and Fred and I are just always striving to improve our skills.  Here's a few pics of us on our date night.

Good thing we brought the bug spray HAHAHA!

This first photo is my favorite of myself from the night - thank you Fred!  I just like how I'm in a spot light.. the flash is directly in front of me (the direction my head is facing).. and it's up pretty high and aimed down at me... giving this spotlight effect.

 This is one of my faves of Fred.. it's the same thing as above.. but now it's Fred HAHAHA!

I wanted to do a silhouette, so I exposed for the sky and didn't add flash..

Fred went for an unconventional crop, I like!

The street lamp was lighting the tree and I liked the gradient it made.. and I added flash on Fred.

This was a fluke.. the flash was right beside Fred and wasn't even set correctly (way too much power), but I decided to see if it would work.. and I guess b/c the flash was not facing Fred directly.. the spill is the part that hit him and wasn't overpowering.. so it ended up being just enough for him.  See how it falls off sharply though at his waist?  Yeah.. cuz the flash was not pointed at him, but somehow it worked out!

And there you have it, our date night! Yay!

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