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Aston, PA


Philadelphia photographer Natasha Esguérra is based out of Aston, PA and serves the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland areas. 

Photography offered:
weddings, engagement, mitzvahs, food, family, headshots

Aston, Media, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Chester, Swarthmore, Wilmington, Delaware, Pennsylvania

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Road Trip Day 3 - Saturday

Natasha Esguerra

This is our journey from Tucumcari, NM to Oklahoma City, OK
New Mexico was kind of cool, lots of hills/plateaus.
Stopped at Amarillo, TX at The Big Texan.  Very interesting tourist attraction.  Prime rib was great! Decor was very ... wow hahaha. Love the Texan accents, so cute. 

After that, went to Cadillac Ranch. Interesting fact: in 1976, the creator of this site had 10 mint condition Cadillacs driven to the site, and they are buried at the angle of the pyramids.
We randomly stopped in towns that looked like those abandoned towns from the movies.  The highway we were on would turn from highway into a town road and go through the center of these towns.. so we'd just pull over and take pictures hahaha.

After that, we went to Meers, OK to try out some famous burger.  It was totally in the middle of nowhere, and I had to pee.  But thankfully, it did exist... and it had a bathroom.  Interesting fact: It is built on jagged rock, which is its foundation. Several uneven levels compose this restaurant.. the wooden floors creak when you step on them.. and the outside decor is definitely fading.. but the burgers speak from themselves...

Saw a lot of wildlife along the way. First time seeing live buffalo, so that was cool.  We were within 100 feet of them I guess.

Bunked for the night in Fairfield Inn, Marriott.. Oklahoma City.  Day 4 to come... one day lol

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