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Aston, PA


Philadelphia photographer Natasha Esguérra is based out of Aston, PA and serves the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland areas. 

Photography offered:
weddings, engagement, mitzvahs, food, family, headshots

Aston, Media, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Chester, Swarthmore, Wilmington, Delaware, Pennsylvania

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Road Trip Day 1 - Thursday

Natasha Esguerra

So today, Fred and I began our road trip from the west coast to the east coast.  It was really hard to say goodbye to all our family and friends in California. I still can't believe we just packed up and left.. wow..  But we will be back soon enough! At the very least to visit!!

Alright, so we basically took a different way to get through California.  We were on 60 East for an abnormally long period of time.  I saw a prarie dog for the first time.  Too bad my camera was not as fast as my eyes.. so didn't get a picture of that = sorry!

We went to the Grand Canyon's Southern Rim and checked out the view.  It was breathtaking.  After that, we headed to Flagstaff, AZ.  I was kind of nervous on the way because Fred decided to take a different route than the one suggested by the GPS.  So rather than having a straight ride, we ended up having a curvy wildlife filled ride and the sun was already down HAHAHA.  It's okay though, God guided us safely through, but next time we're following the GPS hahaha!

For lunch we just did Wendy's, but for dinner we went to this place called Bigfoot's Bar-B-Q in downtown Flagstaff and it was GREAT! Finger licking good! I was starving by the time we got there, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Here was the view..

Yes, there was some animal but I'm not sure what it was b/c I didn't see its head.  Cattle? But too thin... Deer maybe? Iunno?

Okay I'm so exhausted I'm falling asleep while I'm posting this.  Time to sleep!  Goodnite everyone and I'm gonna try to post something every day .. if there's internet access hehehe!

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